Not Everyone Is Truly Ready To Become A Leader

Indeed, I find it odd to see classes at college on leadership. You see, just because someone wants to be in-charge, or have authority or wants to be a “Leader” doesn’t mean they are ready. Some folks aren’t even qualified to be followers, and trust me when I tell you; one has to be a good follower to be a good leader. Even natural leaders, make good followers when temporarily put into a followership role, and there are lots of psychological studies to prove it too. Let’s discuss this interesting topic in leadership theory for a moment, shall we?You see, without behavioral stability, strongly will, an earned ego, and strength of character, those followers are not worthy yet of getting to that next level – the level of leading others. Weak minded leaders often perform very poorly, hurt the entire concept of leadership and destroy the motivation of their team. Team members often fill bullied, manipulated and used. Such individuals should not yet be leaders as, they have lessons to learn and it isn’t fair for them to do it on my dime or time – speaking as a former Franchisor Founder and CEO.In fact, I’d do a disservice to all by helping such folks become leaders, worse if they do not have what it takes and fail anyway, it’s not like they are just going to get lucky 100% of the time. When they fail, whose fault is that, they’d have never attempted it without my lead, so it falls back on me, thus making me a bad leader for sending someone out who wasn’t ready yet.It’s a tricky thing, which is why I choose not to be a leader any more – I don’t want to be responsible for such an important task of training underlings. Likewise, it is a tough job to stay in the right mindset to help those attempting to follow. So, not everyone should be a leader, not everyone should attempt to be a coach, not everyone can lead, just as some people cannot follow.Allowing people to become leaders who don’t have the right moral tool box is a disaster, look at today’s politics. Allowing people to become leaders who are not ready yet, is setting them up for failure, which ironically is a failure in leadership on your part. “Not Everyone Is Truly Ready To Become A Leader,” please remember this – that’s it, that is my lesson on leadership for today.